An Update From Les Deux Cochons

Holiday greetings! We want to give everyone an update on where we are, and how we’ve been keeping busy. There’s a lot happening and we’re hoping you’ll be as excited as we are.

A few people have asked what exactly we’ll be doing while the pandemic still rages. We’ve got lots of plans but the ones we want to let you know the most about are packaged meals and drop-off catering.

Each week we’ll have a set menu for you to order from that you can pick up on weekends from Golden Natural Foods in the Castro. We’re excited to be working with a local, family owned business. Then, once small gatherings are safe again, we’ll be offering drop off dinners for groups. We have lots of plans for when the pandemic is over so please stay with us and order some dinner!

We have a kitchen!

As you may have seen recently, we signed a lease on a commercial kitchen in the Silver Terrace area. We officially moved in some equipment on December 9th and will continue adding more in the weeks and months to come.

We are in the process of securing our health permits that are required for us to start selling food. With good luck and assuming no speed bumps, we should be finished with that about the middle of this week. This is a major hurdle and the last roadblock we have to serving the food we love.

We’re in the wonderful position of needing to hire staff. Job descriptions have been written and we’ve started tentatively reaching out to people we’d like to speak with, many of whom are industry veterans and have been impacted by COVID-19’s effects on the food service industry.


We’ve been extremely fortunate to have a handful of people provide us with some much needed capital in the form of loans so we can move forward a little less precariously than we may have at this stage of the game. We’re also talking with a consultant about running a Kickstarter campaign. This will help us round out our start-up funds, and provide an opportunity for people who may not have the cash to be investors but who still want to help.

When we sat down in June to do financial projections, we all were sure that we’d be out of quarantine by November. By August, we realized how wrong we were. The pandemic related setbacks have been frustrating and maddening, but we both have pushed ourselves to keep the momentum going. Fortunately, Stephen was able to come on board 100% in November after departing his position as an Operations Manager in a corporate setting so he can focus entirely on Les Deux Cochons.

Look for our menus!

Assuming everything goes well this week, we’ll share our Holiday Menu with you for pick up on Christmas Eve! This will include Eric’s really amazing fruit cake and what we hope will become our signature holiday snack box. Then, keep your eyes peeled for our New Year’s Eve menu full of traditional Southern flavors and comfort. Make sure you get your Christmas Eve orders in by noon on Sunday, December 20th!

We want to thank everyone for all the encouragement and enthusiasm. We’ve gotten so much done and still there’s more to do. We joke that every time we cross something off our list, 25 other things erupt that need to get done. But that’s owning your own business and being the final say in how things get done.

Covid and local safety guidelines continue to drive how we are approaching business development. How do we serve you and how do we do it safely? What can we make for you that will help you through to the end of all this? When we will be able to be allowed back in your homes to celebrate important times with you?

Stick with us and we’ll be sending out menus later this week! Don’t forget to check out for more info and to sign up for our regular newsletter.

Stephen & Eric

Les Deux Cochons

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