What services does Les Deux Cochons offer?

We offer catering, prepared meals, customized concessions, pop-up dining events, and private chef services. We currently are selling a Southern Classics Menu for delivery Tuesday through Saturday. During COVID we are unable to enter our clients homes and are therefore limited to drop services for the time being. 


How would you describe your cuisine?

Our food focuses not only on classic French and Italian, but also on American Southern, Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines. 


What areas does Les Deux Cochons serve?

We are able to provide packaged meals within San Francisco and are working to develop our ability to deliver to the North Bay and East Bay in the future. For catering, we are able to provide services on a case by case basis outside of San Francisco. 

Packaged Meals

How do I order packaged meals?

We use Tock as our order management system. You can find our page at https://www.exploretock.com/lesdeuxcochons


What is the general price range for packaged meals?

Depending on what you order, our meals before taxes and delivery fees range between $20 and $30. 


Is there delivery available for packaged meals?

Yes, our current daily menu is for delivery via Tock and DoorDash. 


Where can I pick up packaged meals?

We have partnered with Golden Natural Foods,  a local family owned grocery store in the Castro, as our pick up location for special events and are exploring partnerships with other venues in the city. Our daily menu is also available for pick up at our Silver Terrace location in San Francisco. 


Wedding & Event Catering

What type of events do you cater for?

We provide catering for intimate dinner parties of 5 to wedding receptions of 60 to cocktail parties of 100. We develop our menus and services according to your needs and budget.


How can I get a quote for my event?

Please email stephenr@lesdeuxcochons.com to start a conversation.


How far in advance do I need to book your catering services?

For large party catering services we prefer at least one month’s lead time so we are able to order supplies and coordinate other operational requirements. If you have a small event on a shorter time frame, we can accommodate you with two weeks notice. Please reach out to stephenr@lesdeuxcochons.com and let us know what your needs are.


Do you have a minimum or maximum number of people to serve for events?

We do not have minimums or maximums for attendees but we do have a $500 minimum for catering. 


What is the average price per person?

Each menu is created for each client’s budget and event type. For example, a cocktail party for 25 that included a buffet service might be budgeted at $45 per person and a formal dinner might be priced closer to $65 per person. 

Are there any fees in addition to the menu price?

We will negotiate additional fees as needed based on the event. These fees may include a rush order fee if you need something sooner than two weeks in advance or a long distance fee if we need to travel outside the immediate Bay Area as well as additional fees for special requests or unusual menu requests. 


Is gratuity included?

While we do not automatically add a gratuity to our invoices preferring instead to give that choice to our clients, we do have a policy that all tips are distributed equitably and fairly. 

How do you develop a menu for an event?

We typically ask you to fill out our inquiry form to get to know a little. From the information you provide, we will then have a call with you to learn more and make initial suggestions. We will then provide a proposal for either your approval or for further changes until you are satisfied. 


Do you provide wine, beer or liquor?

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are unable to serve alcohol due to the nature of our business permits. We are happy to assist with helping you hire a dedicated bartending service should you need one. 


Do you have children’s options?

Please ask us about food for children and how it would fit into the overall event. 


Are there vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and allergen free options?

Absolutely. When discussing your menu with our sales team, we will typically ask you if you have any dietary restrictions and we will adjust the menu accordingly. 


How far in advance should I contact you?

We prefer at least two weeks notice for parties of up to 20 people. For parties of 20 and over, we request at least one month’s notice. If you are having more than 30 people, we request at least 6 weeks notice. Emergency requests for less than two week’s notice are reviewed on a case by case basis. 


Do you offer tastings?

During Covid we are unable to offer tastings. We will re-examine this as restrictions are loosened. 


Do you require a deposit?

We typically ask for a deposit at the signing of the agreement of your event. If you are scheduling your event with a short time frame, we will discuss deposits with you. 


How can I book my event?

Please reach out to us at stephenr@lesdeuxcochons.com to start a conversation. 


What is your cancelation policy?

For large parties that have been booked 30 days in advance we will fully refund a deposit if the event is cancelled with two weeks (14 calendar days) notice. If the event is canceled with one week’s (7 calendar days) notice, we will return 50% of the deposit. If the event is cancelled less than 7 calendar days before the event, we will retain the deposit. For events with shorter booking times, we will discuss your options with you and include them in your agreement. 

Do you provide servers?

During COVID we are unable to provide staff to enter your home. When the restrictions have been lifted, we can hire our own staff with enough notice for an additional cost. For parties booked less than one week in advance, please let us know whether you will need servers so we can plan accordingly. 


Are you able to provide rentals (tables, chairs, lighting, etc.)?

We can help you find reliable vendor rentals. 

Do you have a corkage or cake cutting fee?

We are unable to serve alcohol and therefore do not have a corkage fee. We do however, have a $50 cake cutting fee.